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  WIM Products' Warranty

Which adds up to 8,760 working hours. 365 days a year-times two. This is the period for which we guarantee the functional charteristics of our products. We are confident that nothing can go wrong with a system or a unit bearing the name WIM. But in the unlikely event that a fault should occur, we undertake to repair it and to shoulder the cost. As you will appreciate, this does not apply to wearing parts.

2 times longer than the statutory requirement.
The law currently requires a fixed warranty on material and production defects in commercially used products of 1 year. We will grant you not just 1 year's warranty from the date of purchase, but another 1 years on top. But please do tell us where your equipment is being used and who you are.

Please return the warranty card to WIM.

Otherwise we will NOT be able to fulfil our two-year warranty pledge. The warranty card is enclosed with your unit. As soon as you have registered, you will receive your binding warranty certificate guaranteeing two years of cover from the date of purchase.

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No product warranty document found.
Please come back again for more updated product warranty document. Thank you very much for your kind consideration.

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