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    WIM Support - Welding Safety Checklist

 Electric Shock can kill
  Welder in or on workplace
  Confined space
  Electrode holder and cable insulation
  Insulate welder from workplace and ground using dry
      insulation like rubber mat or wood materials.
  Do not touch on the HOT parts or electrode with bare skin
      or wet clothing.
  Wear dry, hole-free gloves.
  Keep electrode holder and cable insulation in good
      condition. Do not use if insulation damaged or missing.
  If requirement to work in wet area, use a semiautomatic
      constant voltage welder or stick welder with voltage
      reducing device.
 Fumes & Gases can be dangerous
  Confined area
  Positioning of welder’s head
  Lack of general ventilation
  Electrode types, i.e. manganese, chromium, etc.
      Refer to MSDS
  Base metal coatings, galvanize, paint.
  Use ventilation or exhaust to keep air breathing zone clear,
  Use helmet and positioning of head to minimize fume for
  Read warnings instruction for electrode on the electrode
      container & material safety data.
  Provide additional ventilation/exhaust where special
      ventilation requirement is needed.
  Use special care when welding in a confined area.
  Do not weld unless ventilation is adequate.
 Welding sparks can cause fire or explosion
  Containers which have held combustibles
  Flammable materials
  Do not weld on containers which have held combustible
      materials (unless strict AWS F4.1 procedures are
      followed). Check before conducting welding work.
  Remove flammable materials from welding area or shield
      from sparks & heat.
  Keep a fire watch in area during and after welding
  Install a fire extinguisher in the welding designated area.
  Wear fire retardant clothing and hat. Use earplugs when
      welding overhead.
 Arc rays can burn eyes and skin
  Process: gas-shielded arc most severe   Select a filter lens which is comfortable for you while
  Always use helmet when welding
  Provide non-flammable shielding to protect others.
  Wear clothing which protects skin.
 General work area hazards
  Cluttered area   Keep cables, materials, tools neatly organised
  Indirect work (welding ground) connection   Connect work cable as close as possible to area where
      welding is being performed. Do not allow alternate circuits
      through scaffold cables, hoist chains, ground leads.
  Electrical equipment   Use only double insulated or properly grounded equipment
  Always disconnect power to equipment before servicing
  Gas cylinders   Never touch cylinder with the electrode
  Never lift a machine with cylinder attached
  Keep cylinder upright and chained to support
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