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A multi-process power source will be able to provide a welder the flexibility it needs in welding. Most of the multi-process machine will be able to provide SMAW, GMAW, GCAW, and GTAW welding process. The development of this power source is very popular among welder in the field of heavy construction and high production factory plant.

In most cases this power source has constant current and constant voltage (CC/CV) output parameters. This will allow the welder to attach accessories such as wire feeder, CC/CV wire feeder, TIG torch and electrode holder to do different weld functions.

Portability, power and a smooth arc – that’s what the EVO500 combo delivers. The EVO500 is a versatile, multi-purpose, multi process power source that’s lightweight and portable. The wire feeder is compact, portable and has a totally enclosed case. Add a premium DC500HF high frequency self-shielded flux-cored torch and you’ve got an outstanding flux-cored welding system for the field or job site!

Multi-process welding benefits: -

  • All position capability.
  • More welding process application with one power source.
  • Less investment on machine.
  • Save at least 40% on power consumption (WIM inverter Technologies).
  • Single power source come with CC/CV selection.
Welds Materials:
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Titanium
Typical Usage:
  • Automobile
  • Metalworks
  • Fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Ship Building
  • Education
  • The CC/CV selector switch provides a multi function welding process: MMA (CC), TIG (CC), MIG (CV), Sensing Feeder (CV).
  • A built in three-phase over and under voltage protection enable the machine to protect itself from human error.
  • Produces stable ARC and low input current draw.
  • Digital AMPS display meter for easy setting and more precise control. (Only for DC process).
  • Auto Hold Function available on wire feeder. (Optional)
  • Input Voltage Compensation keeps the welding parameters constant even when the input voltage changes +10%.
  • Thermal Overload Protection allows internal components to be protected from damages. This will allow the machine to shut down automatically is the duty cycle is exceeded or air flow and cooling are restricted.
Technical Characteristics:

Input Voltage VC AC380 / 415V±10%, 3 Phase
Frequency Hz 50/60
Rated Input KW 24.5
Power Factor 0.96
Idling Input Current A 0.25
Max OCV (CC) VDC 75
Current Range (CC) 5 – 500
OCV Range MIG (CV) V 15 – 48
Rated Duty Cycle 70% 500A / 40V
Rated Duty Cycle 100% 400A / 36V
Weight KG 70
Dimension (W x L x H) mm 385 x 630 x 545

*Please note that the specification may vary within each country. Specifications are subjected to change without notice.

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