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  Plasma Cutters: EVO CUT 60H
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Package comes with :-

* Torch P 80/4 meter

* Roller Guide

* Regulator

Digital current meter display voltage for viewing of the actual and preset values for greater accuracy and repeatability in your welding procedure.

The Inverter technology will ensure welding current highly stable at grid voltage fluctuation and arc length changing. Arc is soft and can adjust automatically.

Applicable for welding steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cooper . Brass & Zinc coated steel.

Quick Specs

Medium Industrial Applications Processes : Plasma Cutting
Suitable for shipyards Specification :- Open circuit: 330 V
Automative Power supply: 380/415V +-15% / 3P Amperage range: 40-120 A
Maintenance Frequency: 50/60 (Hz) Rated duty cycle: 60%
Fabrication Rated input: 19 KVA Rated working: 96-128 V
Manufacturing Dimansions (mm): 600x300x520 Cut thickness; Max. 30mm
Auto Body Net Weight: 40 KG

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