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Features: -

- The Operation panel with reasonable layout, rich functions and convenient operation.

- The welding parameter can be present precisely.

- The AC frequency and cleaning width can be adjusted independently to meet the needs of welding 'process for different aluminum products.

- It has easy arc strike, stable electric arc and easily controlled weld pool.

- The argon arc welding can protect the welding gun from water depletion.

- The welding current can be controlled afar.

- The weld penetration and weld with required by the weld joint and the number of waveform can be obtain through the adjustment of the pulse current, impulse frequency, duty ratio, alternating current, AC frequency cleaning proportion and AC bias ratio when the AC bias ratio when the AC argon arc welding is used to prolog the service life, specially applicable to the automatic welding and robot welding.

Function :- Technical Data :-
AC constant current TIG Rated input voltage: 380V(+/-)10%50Hz Output current range: 20-500A
AC pulse TIG Rated input capacity: 25.7KVA Arc starting current: 20-500A
DC constant current TIG Rated input current: 39A Ac frequency: 20-100Hz
AC pulse TIG Rated duty cycle: 60% Cooling mode: Water cooling
Manual mental-arc welding Output no-load voltage: 79V
For welding: carbon steel, cooper, titanium, aluminium and aluminium magnesium alloy.

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