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  Stig (SMAW): GOLD ARC TS 400X/600X
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Weld :-

* Steel

* Stainless Steel

* Cast Iron

* Gouging (TS600X Only)

Goldarc series is specially suited for a rugged industrial work machine. This series welder can use all type of welding electrode for DC MMA welding , especially suitable for welding low carbon steel, low alloy steel structure and pressure container with basic electrode.

Model TS 600X can be use as carbon arc gouging power source.

The series welder possesses good dynamic character,good weld appearance, quit molten pool, litle spalter, easy operation.

Constant Current DC ARC Thyristor Welding Power Source
Industrial Applications Processes: MMA
Fabric plate work, Metal tank, Foundry, Construction, Metalworks, Steel building erection,Pipe welding, Maintenance.
Technical Data :
Model TS 400X TS 600X TS 400X TS 600X
Rated Input Voltage: 3Phase AC 380V 50Hz Output no-load: 64 V 76 V
Rated Input Capacity: 24 KVA 48.3 KVA Output Current: 80-400 A 80-600 A
Rated Welding Current: 400 A 600 A Weight: 160 kg 201 kg
Rated Output Voltage: 64 V 76 V
Rated Duty Cycle: 60% 60%

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