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  Stig (SMAW): AC 500ECO
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Advantage :-

* Easy to install. Input power.

* Easy to operate.

* Easy to set and control.

* Easy to move.

Features :

The AC 500ECO has a smooth adjustment on the welding current, stable arc and minimum power loss during welding. The AC 500ECO is moving-core type welders in the output current control system.

Additionally, it has a natural ventilated of cooling system. The unit can be use for all type of manual Metal Arc (MMA) welding operations.

Quick Specs
Heavy Industrial Applications Processes: MMA
Tool/die repair Features: Copper Coil, Fan Cooling
Fabrication Specification :- Frequency: 50/60 (Hz)
Shipbuilding & repair Rated Input Voltage: 415V Output Current: 73V
Farm Rated Input Current: 80-500A Net Weight: 116KG
Rated Input Capacity: 39.8 KVA Dimension: 660x500x610MM
Rated Duty Cycle: 35%

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