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WIM Inverter 200 with high quality and efficiency, developed with single phase input & small type of MIG ARC welder is most suitable for satisfying the needs for ultimate welding quality for automotive industries, maintenance works, fabrication and light industries.

Product Quick Specifications:

Mains Supply 1-phase 50/60Hz
Rated input power (KVA) 8.6KVA
Voltage 240V
Max.Input Current 36A
Output Rating 200A/24V
Duty Cycle % 60%
Rating 60% 200A/24V
Rating 100% 155A/22V
Current Adjustment 30A-200A
Open Circuit Voltage 55V
Max.Welding Output 24V
Min.Welding Output 11V
Filter Wire Dimensions 0.8 ~1.0├śmm
Static Characteristic Flat (CV)
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm 900 X 300 X 620
Weight 35kg
Insulation Class H
Degree of Protection IPS21

Product Full Specifications:
-to satisfy the need for ultimate welding quality presents "WIM Inverter 200" most suitable single phase input & small type MIG arc welder for developed for high quality and efficiency by our unique designs.

1. Single phase power point

7. Gas hose

2. Input cable

8. Control cable

3. Earth wire

9. Torch side cable (2.5m)

- Extension cables and hoses (5m, 10m, 15m, 20m) are available as optional attachments.

4. gas flow meter regulator

10. Wire feeder

5. Base metal side cable (1.5m)

11. Welding torch (3m)

6. Shielding gas

12. Base metal

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