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Features: -

High frequency 18KHz inverter technology provides light-weight, small volume and energy saving, significantly reduces customer's running costs.

The effective protection circuitries against various demaged risks such as lack of phase overload of voltage,overload of current, voltage shortage, overheat delivers high reliability during operating.

Able cut ball after welding, high successful rate of arc-starting.

Power LED Inductance adjustable Phase/frequency: 3Ph/50~60Hz
O.T LED Speed mode adjustable Rated Input Power: 24.5KVA
Current Meter No ball end design Rated Duty Cycle: 100%
Voltage Meter Power switched on front panel Output Amperage Range: 80~500A
MIG current adjust 80-500A Output Voltage Range: 18~39V
MMA current adjust 20-360A Technical Data:- Max OCV: 63V
Crater adjustable Function: MiG (MAG) / MMA Net Weight: 43KG
Gas Check Rated Input Voltage: 380~415V+-15% Dimension: 66x37x62 cm

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